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  • Kombucha, Kimchi and More: Nutrition Spotlight May 1, 2020

    Nutrition Spotlight: Kombucha, Kimchi and More

    Researchers continue to examine the trillions of bacterial species residing in our gut microbiome to better understand their potential to help maintain health and prevent disease. Some of ... Continue Reading

  • Pet Therapy: The Healing Power of Dogs April 1, 2020

    Unleashed: The Healing Power of Dogs

    “Who rescued whom?”
    They’re already considered best friends, trusty companions and beloved members of the family. Now add to the dog’s list of accomplishments, heart healer, ... Continue Reading

  • Coronavirus Update March 14, 2020


    To Our Valued Patients,

    As you know, the coronavirus is in our community. As testing increases, more cases will likely be identified in the coming days. Please do not panic. The prevailing opinion is that while community spread is inevitable, most cases will be mild; the majority of ... Continue Reading

  • Impossible Burger & Beyond Meat: Meaty Topics March 1, 2020

    Meaty Topics: Impossible Burger & Beyond Meat

    They’re 2019’s most sizzling success story, found everywhere from grocery freezer to fast food counter. Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat have brought the plant-based burger from fringe ... Continue Reading

  • Heart Healthy Valentine’s Day Recipes February 20, 2020

    In celebration of American Heart Month, please enjoy these two delicious heart-healthy recipes below.

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  • Recap: January 30th Nutrition Event February 5, 2020

    What a wonderful event!  42 people enjoyed the nutrition event.

    Julie Freeman, an integrative nutritionist and author of 2 cookbooks, inspired all of us with an interactive discussion of TLC – Total Life Control.  We had an enlightening discussion on nutrition, exercise, stress management with an emphasis ... Continue Reading

  • Headaches – Types and Remedies February 1, 2020

    Picture of woman having a headache

    Oh, My Aching Head

    A dull pressure, a sharp pain, an uncomfortable pounding, a vise-like sensation – all can signal the start of a headache. A painful part of the human ... Continue Reading

  • Walk with a Doc Recap: January 19th – Stress January 24, 2020



    Enjoyed a beautiful day in San Diego during our monthly Walk With A Doc. Discussed the effects of stress on our physical and mental health and tips on stress management. Hershey Kiss, A licensed therapy ... Continue Reading

  • Interactive Nutrition Seminar – January 30th January 20, 2020

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  • Antibiotics: Are You Aware? January 16, 2020

    Image of Antibiotics

    Are You Antibiotics Aware?

    Spurred by Alexander Fleming’s serendipitous discovery of penicillin in 1928, antibiotics have rightfully become wonder drugs, often able to change the course of deadly bacterial infections in a matter of ... Continue Reading